Completed MA Theses in Human Skeletal Biology

NYU Anthropology

MA Theses On Record
Last Updated: August 2016

Ehrlich, Daniel. Population continuity or replacement in the lower susquehanna valley: a biodistance study using dental non-metric traits.

Lagan, Emma. You are what you eat: status and oral health in a medieval danish population with a comparison of common dental wear methods.

McGuire, Kaitlin. 3D geometric morphometric analysis of the tibial plateau: a study of sexual dimorphism and population specific variation.

Yim, An-Di. Evolution of genotype and phenotype of skeletal strength in primates.

Bird, Evan Eugene. The Functional and Phylogenetic Implications of Nasoalveolar Clivus Length in the Anthropoid Primates.

Johnson, Amy. Analysis of Congruence and Asymmetry of the Atlanto-Occipital Joint.

Feldkamp, Sara. The Lost Remains of Dún Ailinne: Analysis of re-discovered faunal remains from the Irish Iron Age site.

Miranker, Molly. A Test of the Performance of Three Age Indicators of the Adult Human Pelvis and the Influence of Occupation on Morphology.

Norström, Lucia Elgerud. Craniometric Ancestry Analysis of a Modern Peruvian Sample: Assessing Ancestry Proportions & the Potential for Peruvian Subgroups in Ancestry Estimation Techniques.

Petrullo, Lauren. Effects of early life adversity on cortisol/salivary alpha-amylase asymmetry in free-ranging juvenile rhesus macaques.

Russel, C. Kinley. Size-related and Demographic Effects on the Morphology of the Lateral Meniscal Notch of the Proximal Tibia.

Farber, Eleanor. Strontium and Oxygen Isotopic Evidence for Migration to 19th Century Grafton, Illinois.

Williams, LaShanda. Cross host Evolution and Relative Divergence Time of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Cornoavirus (MERS-CoV) Variants.

Lans, Aja. Tuberculosis in the American Museum of Natural History Medical Skeletal Collection: a comparison of an osteological dataset to historical records.

McCormick, Katelin. Examination of Age-Related Changes of the Auricular Surface Using Geopgraphic Information Systems Analysis.

Beresheim, Amy. A histomorphometric analysis of intact, fragmentary and drifting osteons in the adult mid-shaft femur. 
Chmaj, Julia. Feature analysis of the pubic symphysis.

Darr, Maria. The bicondylar angel in modern humans and its relationship to stresses and locomotor economy.

DiMaggio, John, Charles, Jr. An analysis of zinc distribution in the cortical bone of the human femur.

Jennifer Spross, Assessing relatedness within and among groups of Bolivian tamarins (Saguinus spp.).

Karabowicz, Amy. Assessing evidence of weaning and climate extremes in incremental microsamples of human dentin collagen from Malawi: A stable isotope analysis.   
Miller, Alison. The effect of angle at impact and magnification level during analysis on the recognition of striation patterns on cut costal cartilage.

Stock, Michaela. A 3D geometric morphometric investigation of sexual dimorphism in juvenile human crania during ontogeny.
Volney Friedrich, The nature of interaction at La Sufricaya, Guatemala: Evidence from stable isotopic analysis of human tooth enamel. 

Baxter-Stoltzfus, Amelia. Quantitative bone histomorphometry as a predictor of skeletal health.

Saine, M. Elle. Researched remains: The post-mortem lives of bodies in human rights investigations and anthropological research .

Sharplin, Allison M. Dirty pigs: Decomposition and taphonomy of clothed and nude non-human animal models in three microclimates in an arid environment with an emphasis on microbial community profiling.


Domínguez, Victoria. The utility of osteon shape and circularity for differentiation human and non-human haversian bone.

Fluckiger, Megan. Analysis of population structure using the 13 core CODIS loci in four sample populations: U.S. Caucasian, African American, Hispanic and Jamaican.

Mallard, Angela Marie. Dental nonmetric analysis of Tecolote Pueblo: A study of biological distance.

Mavroudas, Sophia. A comparison of gross morphology and histomorphometry age-at-death estimation methods on a known forensic sample.

Heinrich, Jarred. Tooth based sampling protocol for DNA extractions and human identification from highly fragmented and commingled skeletal assemblages.

Holowka, Nicholas. A comparative study of the anatomical mechanical advantage of the anthropoid elbow.

Minor, Stephanie. Variation in Osteocyte Lacuna Density Around the Human Mid-shaft Femoral Cortex as it Relates to Intraspecies Variation in Body Size.

Vannucci, Robert. MRI evaluation of brain size and shape in microcephaly: Implications for the LB 1 hominin.

Battillo, Jenna. An investigation into the preservation of saw marks and cutmarks on burnt bone.

Macias, Marisa. Three-dimensional analysis of the scapular glenoid fossa: Neandertals and morphological adaptations to habitual behavior.

Oldershaw, Leigh. A preliminary study of the use of root dentine translucency aging in cremated dental remains.


Chirchir, Habiba. Elbow morphology in humans in relation to activity and climate: Implications for Neandertals.

Cocca, Maggie. Using non-invasive molecular techniques to obtain population count of highly endangered Nigerian gorillas.

Hite, Emma. Morphological and molecular approaches to species identification in equid cheek teeth from Godin: Terminology, taxonomy and further implications.

Powanda, Allysha. A comparison of pelvic age-estimation methods on two modern Iberian populations: bioarchaeological and forensic implications.

Ridgely, Ariana. Macroscopic and Microscopic Characteristics of Hacking Trauma on Bone.


Delaney, Anna. Scavenger variation in central New Jersey: Implications for forensic analysis.

Fridie, Jeannette. A restropective study on dismemberment in New York City, 1990-2006.

Ingvoldstad, Megan. Mass graves, skeletonization, and individuation: a controlled experiment of differential decomposition in mice burials.

Reinholdt, Heidi. Primate cranial morphogenetics and the role of repeat polymorphisms.

Emera, Deena. Biological Affinity of a Prehistoric Cook Island Population: the Dental and Genetic Evidence.

Gaydosh, Laura. Gauging the deterioration of deoxyribonucleic acids during thermal alteration.

Garcia, Giselle. A Quantitative Analysis of the Distal Tibia of Homo habilis.

Rottenstein, Jessica. Experimental decomposition in the northeast in three different microenvironments.

Solomon, Ilana. Genetic Affinities of Cook Islanders: A Look at the Mitochondrial DNA of Ancient Mangaians.