Completed Dissertations

NYU Anthropology
Ph.D. Dissertations On Record
Last Updated: June 2014


Andersen, Barbara; Our People are Still Out There: Nursing Education and Dilemmas of Development in Papua New Guinea

Dwaipayan Banerjee; Concealments and Conciliations The Emergent Politics of Cancer in India

White, Chantal; Broadcasting The Voices of Pluralism in Quebec: Language Ideology and Choice in Montreal's Haitian Radioscape


Agard-Jones, Vanessa: Sovereign Intimacies: Scaling Sexual Politics in Martinique

Cool, Allison: Translating Twins: Twin Research and the Production of Genetic and Economic Knowledge in the Swedish Welfare State

LeFevre, Tate: Creating Kanaky: Indigeneity, Youth and the Cultural Politics of the Possible

Pozzi, Luca: Evolutionary history, systematics, and species boundaries in galagos (Galagidae)

Rau, Pilar: Aesthetics and Sacrifice: Pentecostalism, Tourist Art, and the Capitalist Promised Land

Strickland, April: Mediating Māoritanga: Film, Television, and Indigenous Sovereingty in Aotearoa New Zealand.


Anidjar, Julie: Coastal Subsistence and Seasonality at Site 38BU1938, Beaufort County, South Carolina: A zooarchaeological study of a Woodland Period shell midden

Califf, Joe: Factors Influencing Individual Differences in Steroid Hormone Concentration Among Captive Male Baboons, Papio sp.

Fraga, Chris: Capital Ideas: The Social Life of Contemporary Mexican Art

Hodgson, Jason: Population history and natural selection in the Yemeni

Howes-Mischel, Becca: Gestating Subjects:  Negotiating Public Health and Pregnancy in Transborder Oaxaca

Lears, Rachel: Between Two Monsters: Popular Music, Visual Media, and the Rise of Global Indie in 21st Century Uruguay

Rozental, Sandra: Mobilizing the Monolith: Patrimonio and the Production of Mexico through its Fragments

 Thorner, Sabra: Indigenizing Photography: Archives, Activism, and New Visual Media in Contemporary Australia

Worthington, Steve: New Approaches to Late Miocene Hominoid Systematics: Ranking Morphological Characters by Phylogenetic Signal


Ibrahim, Nur Amali: Producing Believers, Contesting Islam: Conservative and Liberal Muslim Students in Indonesia

Link, Andres: Social and Ecological Determinants of “Fission-Fusion” Sociality and Grouping Strategies in the White Bellied Spider Monkey (Ateles Belzebuth Belzebuth) in a Lowland Rainforest in Western Amazonia

Montague, Michael: A behavioral and genetic study of the color vision polymorphism in wild squirrel monkeys (Saimiri sciureus)

Morales-Jimenez, Alba Lucia: Evolutionary History, Phylogeography and Conservation Priorities for the Spider Monkey (genus Ateles)

Seselj, Maja: Human growth evolving: Integrating dental and skeletal growth proxies to understand ontogeny in Pleistocene Homo

Stankiewicz, Damien: The End(s) of Imagination:  National Culture and Europe at the Television Channel ARTE

Yates-Doerr, Emily: The Weight of the Body: Changing Ideals of Fatness, Nourishment, and Health in Guatemala


Anya Bernstein: Religious Bodies Politic – Rituals of  Sovereignty in Buryat Buddhism

Bessire, Lucas : Behold the Black Caiman: Contesting Modernities and Becoming Ayoreo in the Contemporary Gram Chaco

Boyd, Lydia : Saving One's Self: Ugandan Youth, Sexual Abstinence, and Born-Again Christianity in the Time of AIDS

Cohen, Emily: Bodies at War: An Ethnography on Rehabilitiation After Landmine Injury in Columbia

Detwiler, Kate: Natural hybridization between Cercopithecus mitis x C. ascanius in Gombe National Park, Tanzania

Fellman, Connie : Ontogenetic caling of Anatomical Mechanical Advantage in the Fore and Hind Limb Musculatory of Catarhines: Implication for the Juvenile Risk Aversion Hypothesis

Gerrets, Rene : Globalizing International Health: The Cultural Politics of ‘Partnership’ in Tanzania

Huerta-Mercado, Alexander: Tenderness that Becomes Desire: Vedettes in XXI Century Lima

Matzner, Deborah: Mediating Women: Producing Commercial Satellite Television Programming, and Documentary Film in Mumbai

Rein, Thomas : Locomoter Function and Phylogeny: Implications for Interpreting the hominoid Fossil Record

Sadre-Orafai, Stephanie: Casting “Difference”: Visual Anxiety and the New York Fashion Industry

Schmitt, Chris: Comparative Juvenile Behavioral Ecology, Development, and Life History in Wild Lowland Woolly Monkeys (Lagothrix poeppigii) and White-Bellied Spider Monkeys (Ateles belzebuth) in Amazonian Ecuador

Takamori, Ayako: Native Foreigners: Japanese Americans in Japan


Boyle, James : The Production and Use of Bone and Antler Dress Pins in Early Medieval Ireland, c. AD 400 – 800

Hemmalin, Holly : Reproductive Success of Migrant Hamadryas Baboons in Anubis Baboon Groups

Listman, Jennifer : Biases in study design affecting the inference of events and human population structure in
                         closely-related populations

Maraesa, Aminata : "I No 'Fraid for That": Pregnancy, Risk, and Development in Southern Belize

Murphy, Jack : A Question of Class: 'Struggling Youth' and the Concept of Social Destiny in
                    Contemporary France

Perez, Ramona : Tasting Culture: Food, Family and Flavor and Greater Mexico

Piro, Jennifer : Pastoralism in the Early Transcaucasian Culture: The Faunal Remains from Sos Hoyuk

Reu, Tobias : Folkloric Dance, Civil Society, and the Public Sphere in the Bolivian Saint's Festival of the Virgin of

Schiller, Naomi : Don't Watch Television, Make It!: Community Media, the State, and
                        Popular Politics in Caracas, Venezuela

Siulc, Nina : Unwelcome Citizens, Criminalized Migrants, and the Quest for Freedom: Deportees in the
                 Dominican Republic

Stefanoff, Lisa : CAMMA Productions: listening, revelation and cultural intimacy at the Central Australian Aboriginal
                      Media Association

Sterner, Kirsten : Primate Innate Immune Defense and Adaptation to SIV/HIV Infection


Andaya, Elise L. Reproducing the Revolution: Gender, Kinship, and the State in Contemporary Cuba

Berg, Ulla. Mediating Self and Community: Membership, Sociality, and Communicative Practives in Peruvian Migration
                 to the US

Burrell, Andrew. Phylogenetics and population genetics of central African baboons.

Carmona, Alicia. Bailaremos: Participation in morenada dance fraternities among Bolivian immigrants in Argentina

Davidov, Veronica. The Occidental Tourist and the Napo Quichua: Ecotourism and Fantasies of Alterity in the Amazon

Hsu, Leo. Hacking Development: How Geeks do Good

Karanovic, Jelena. Sharing Publics: Democracy, Cooperation, and Free Software Advocacy in France
Leynse, Wendy. Learning to become a culturally competent member of French society through food

Matthews, Luke. The comparative socioecology of white-fronted capuchin monkeys (Cebus albifrons) and the ethology
                         of social learning in Cebus

Smith, Mark. Settlement Geography of the Punjab during the Early Historic and Medieval Periods: a GIS approach

Suarez, Sandra S.  Paternity, relatedness, and socio-reproductive behavior in a population of wild red-bellied tamarins (Saguinus labiatus)

Sutton, Wesley. Heritage Genetics of Spanish-Americans in the Southwest United States.


Andaya, Elise. Reproducing the Revolution: Gender, Kinship, and the State in Contemporary Cuba.

Berg, Ulla. Mediating Self and Community: Membership, Sociality, and Communicative Practices in Peruvian Migration to the US.

Dvoskin, Rachel. Variation at the corticotropin-releasing hormone gne (CRH) locus and individual differences in stress physiology and behavior in captive rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta)

Jones, Graham. Trade of the Tricks: Inside the Magician’s Craft

Kim, Eleana Jean.  Remembering loss: the cultural politics of overseas adoption from South Korea

Malin-Boyce, Susan.  The Frauenberg at Weltenburg: Early La Tene settlement along the Bavarian Danube

Smith, Mark. Settlement Geography of the Punjab during the Early Historic and Medieval Periods: a GIS Approach


Bishara, Amahl.  Local hands, international news:  The labors of news making and the production of international authority through Palestinian media work under occupation

Dowell, Kristin L.  Honoring stories:  Aboriginal media, art, and activism in Vancouver

Elliott, Luther C.  Mobile consciousness, flexible culture:  Notes on the rise and fall of Goa Trance

Glass, Aaron.  Conspicuous consumption:  An intercultural history of the Kwakwaka-wakw Hamat’sa

Hamdy, Sherine F.  Our bodies belong to God:  Islam, medical science, and ethical reasoning in Egyptian life

Kimbrough, Christine K.  Spindle whorls, ethnoarchaeology, and the study of textile production in third millennium BCE northern Mesopotamia: A methodological approach

McCullough, Megan B.  Negotiating borders, (re)producing being:  Repoduction, public health, governance and Australian Aboriginal subjectivity

Rosenbaum, Susanna.  Domestic economies:  Immigrant workers, native-born employers, and “domestic service” in Los Angeles

Smith, Elizabeth A. Tributaries in the stream of civilization:  Race, ethnicity, and national belonging among Nubians in Egypt

Spehar, Stephanie Nicole Anne.  The function of the long call in white-bellied spider monkeys (Ateles bezebuth) in Yasuni National Park, Ecuador

Tedesco, Laura Anne.  Redefining technology in Bronze Age Transcaucasia:  Copper-alloy metallurgy in Armenia in the 3rd—mid-2nd millennium BC

Telfer, Paul T.  Molecular phylogeny and phylogeography of the genus Mandrillus (Primates: Papionini)

Wehner, Karen Bellinger.  Crafting lives, crafting society in seventeenth-century Jamestown, Virginia


Elisha, Omri.  A movable faith;  Social outreach, community evangelism, and megachurches in Knoxville, Tennessee

Fisher, Daniel Todd.  “You mob listen”: Intercultural exchange and indigenous media in Northern Australia

Fishman, Margaret Davis.  Creating art, creating citizens:  An ethnography of arts education activism in New York City public schools

Kwon, Jong Bum.  In the crucible of restructuration:  Violence and forging “workers of iron” in the transition to a neoliberal democracy in South Korea

Lappan, Susan.  Biparental care and male reproductive strategies in Siamangs (Symphalangus syndactylus) in southern Sumatra

Manser, Jessica M.  Mophological analysis of the human burial series at Niah Cave: Implications for late Pleistocene-Holocene southeast Asian human evolution

Mehrhof, Barbara.  Maternal investment in rhesus macaques:  Secondary sex ratios and maternal care

Parla, Ayse.  Terms of belonging:  Turkish immigrants from Bulgaria in the imagined homeland

Su, Denise Fay-Shen.  The paleoecology of Laetoli, Tanzania: Evidence from the mammalian fauna of the Upper Laetolil Beds

Tate, Winifred.  Counting the dead:  Human rights claims and counter-claims in Colombia


Cattelino, Jessica R.  High stakes: Seminole sovereignty in the casino era

Chu, Julie Y.  Cosmologies of credit: Fuzhounese migration and the production of value

Galvez, Alyshia.  In the name of Guadalupe: Religion, politics and citizenship among Mexicans in New York

Managan, Jane Kathryn.  Language choice, linguistic ideologies and social identity in Guadeloupe

Miller, Laura J.  Urban economies in early states: The Secondary Products Revolution in the Indus Civilization

Raaum, Ryan Lowell. Ape and Old World monkey molecular evolution: Nucleotide substitution rate variation in the catarrhini

Vail, Margaret A.  Right of passage: Backpacker subculture and the “gentrification” of tourism in Bolivia


Cavanaugh, Jillian Ruth.  Ideologies of language shift in Bergamo, Italy

Charlier Doucet, Rachelle.  Language ideology, socialization and pedagogy in Haitian schools and society

Gray, Thalia S.  Precious networks: The role of imported materials at Ostrow Lednicki in transformations of the early medieval Polish state

McChesney, Lea Stevens. The American Indian art world and the (re-)production of the primitive: Hopi pottery and potters

Moise, Robert Ely.  Loved ones and strangers: Society, history and identity in equatorial Africa

Pilbrow, Varsha Catherine.  Dental variation in African apes with implications for understanding patterns of variation in species of fossil apes

Robinson, Chris Allen.  Extant hominoid and australopith mandibular morphology: Assessing alpha taxonomy and phylogeny using mandibular characters

Shankar, Shalini.  Windows of opportunity: South Asian-American teenagers and the promise of technology in Silicon Valley

Uddin, Monica  Baboon Endogenous Virus (BAEV) Variation in Natural Populations of Cercopithecine Primates

Williams-Guillen, Kimberly. The behavioral ecology of mantled howling monkeys (Alouatta palliata) living in a Nicaraguan shade coffee plantation

Winegar, Jessica R.  Claiming Egypt: The cultural politics of artistic practice in a postcolonial society

Zabielskis, Peter Thomas.  House, self, and society: The cultural space of identity in a multi-ethnic southeast Asian city


Checker, Melissa Anne.  Troubling the waters: Race, the environment and activism in the United States South

Ehrhardt, Kathleen L.  European materials in Native American contexts: Rethinking technological change
Mungioli, Joseph T.  "This is not a lost city": The everyday remaking of citizenship and culture in urban Mexico

Ostman, Rae Ellen Marie.  The city and complexity: Pottery production in Volterra, Italy from the Hellenistic Etruscan period to the late Roman and late Antique period

Wortham, Erica Cusi.  Narratives of location: Televisual media and the production of indigenous identities in Mexico


Dirks, Wendy.  Dental development and life history in catarrhine primates

Dudzik, Rebecca Lynn.  Mass estimation for anthropoid primates: Examining the principles and the protocol

Krigbaum, John Sanders.  Human paleodiet in tropical Southeast Asia: Isotopic evidence from Niah Cave and Gua Cha

Levi, Heather J.  Masked struggle: An ethnography of Lucha Libre

Patico, Jennifer.  Consumption and logics of social difference in post-Soviet Russia

Paugh, Amy Lynn.  "Creole day is every day": Language socialization, shift, and ideologies in Dominica, West Indies

Pilbrow, Timothy David.  Negotiating the past for a present in transition: Secondary-school history and the production of national identity in Bulgaria


Apley, Alice Gordon.  The cultural management of upward mobility in Botswana

Fader, Ayala.  Gender, morality, and language: Socialization practices in a Hasidic

Fiorini, Marcelo Oppido.  The silencing of the names:  identity and alterity in an Amazonian society

Ganti, Tejaswini.  Casting culture: The social life of Hindi film production in contemporary India

Holt, Julie Zimmermann.  Animal exploitation and the Middle to Late Woodland transition: A comparison of animal use at mound centers and hamlets in the lower and central Illinois Valleys

Miller, Barbara Ann.  Anchorin whiteness: race, class, community and the politics of pubic schools

Payne, Jessica Morgan. Making culture public:  grassroots community collaboration and ethnic heritage in Portland, Maine

Schlotterhausen, Lisa.  Town monkeys, country monkeys:  a sociological comparison of a human commensal and wild group of Bonnet macaques (Macaca radiata)

Silber, Irina Carlota.  A spectral reconciliation: Rebuilding post-war El Salvador

Smale, Maura Anne.  Rural-to-urban transition on the edge of New York City: Nineteenth century foodways at the Lott Farmstead, Kings County, New York

Thomas, Deborah Ann.  "Tradition's not an intelligence thing": Jamaican cultural politics and the ascendence of modern blackness

Valentine, David.  "I know what I am": The category "transgender" in the construction of contemporary United States American conceptions of gender and sexuality

Wells, Diana Elaine.  "Between the difference": Trinidadian women's collective action

Wildman, Derek Edward.  Mammalian zoogeography of the Arabian peninsula and horn of Africa with a focus on the cladistic phylogeography of hamadryas baboons (primates: Papio hamadryas)

Wyner, Yael Miriam.  Species boundaries and conservation units in two species in the family Lemuridae


Fiorini, Marcelo Oppido.  The silencing of the names: Identity and alterity in an Amazonian society

Garey, Joan Deborah.  Mechanisms by which dietary Acacia may act as a proximate regulator of breeding seasonality in the vervet monkey (Cercopithecus [aethiops] pygerythrus)

Garrett, Paul Brian.  Language socialization, convergence, and shift in St. Lucia, West Indies

Lombardi, Gerald Scott.  Computer networks, social networks and the future of Brazil

Walley, Christine Joan.  Making waves:  Struggles over the environment, development and participation in the Mafia island marine park

Woolley-Barker, Tamsin.  Social organization and genetic structure in a Baboon hybrid zone  


Dark, Alx Vladimir.  Public sphere politics and community conflict over the environment and Native land rights in Clayoquot Sound, British Columbia

Doukas, Dimitra.  The mechanics and the capitalists: The making of "middle America" in central New York

Epstein, Beth S.  Collective terms: The politics of race, culture, and community in a French new

Larkin, Brian.  Uncertain consequences: The social and religious life of media in northern Nigeria


Bikales, Thomas James.  From “culture” to “commercialization”: The production and packaging of an African cinema in Ougadougou, Burkina Faso

Blades, Brooke Sterling.  Environment, lithic economy, and mobility during Aurignacian occupation of the lower Vezere Valley in France

Elliston, Deborah A.  Engendering nationalism:  Colonialism, sex, and independence in French Polynesia

Gates, Jennifer A.  Strangers in New York:  Ethnic tourism as commodity, spectacle, and urban leisure in three Manhattan neighborhoods

Harris, Eugene E.  Molecular systematics of the mangabeys (Primates:  Papionini)

Mahon, Maureen Elizabeth.  The Black Rock Coalition and the cultural politics of race in the United States

Newman, Timothy Kent.  Mitochondrial DNA analysis of intraspecific hybridization in Papio hamadryas anubis, P.h. hamadryas and their hybrids in The Awash National Park, Ethiopia

Perry, David Wayne.  The archaeology of hunter-gatherers:  Plant use in the Dutch Mesolithic (Holocene, Netherlands)

Steinhart, Anita Ruth. Comparative morphology of the orbit in anthropoid primates:  Functional and phylogenetic implications [deceased]

Thomas-Houston, Marilyn M.  “Stony the road”: A look at political participation in an African-American community


Goldman, Helle Valborg.  A comparative study of Swahili in two rural communities in Pemba, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Ingram, Mark Scott.  Performing culture: A French 'popular theatre' troupe in local, national, and European perspective

McLagan, Margaret Jane.  Mobilizing for Tibet: Transnational politics and diaspora culture in the post-cold war era

Newman, Timothy Kent.  Mitochondrial DNA analysis of intraspecific hybridization in Papio hamadryas anubis, P. h. hamadryas and their hybrids in the Awash National Park, Ethiopia


Howson, Jean.  Colonial goods and the plantation village: Consumption and the internal economy in Monserrat from slavery to freedom

Ochoa, Suzanne Elise.  Relationships between social environment and growth processes in rhesus monkeys "Macaca mulatta"

Sanders, William Joseph.  Function, allometry, and evolution of the australopithecine lower precaudal spine


Boesch, Eugene John.  Middle Woodland cultural termination: The White Hall phase and the end of the Havana Tradition in the lower Illinois Valley

Terrio, Susan Jane.  Handmade in France: Discourses on skill, tradition, and authenticity among contemporary artisanal chocolatiers


Adefris, Tsirha.  A description of the Bodo cranium: An archaic Homo sapiens cranium from Ethiopia

Lahm, Sally Ann.  Ecology and economics of human/wildlife interaction in northeastern Gabon

Meneley, Anne Theresa.  Style, status, and sociability in Zabid

Santiago-Irizarry, Vilma.  Medicalizing ethnicity: Bilingual/bicultural psychiatric programs for Hispanics

Swartz, Deborah Beth.  Gradient phenomena in primates


Bassoff, Trina B. Behavioral changes across the menstrual cycle in two congeneric cercopithecid species: Macaca radiata and Macaca nemestrina

Beriss, David Ira.  To not be French: Counter-discourses of Antillean identity in France

Bianco, Barbara A.  The historical anthropology of a mission hospital in northwestern Kenya

Burke, Ariane Michelle.  Prey movements and settlement patterns during the Upper Palaeolithic in Southwestern France

Cole, Yvonne Imelda.  Systematics and ecogenetics of East African murids

Davis, Hannah Penrose.  Unmarried women and changing conceptions of the self in Sidi Slimane, Morocco (women)

Donovan, Michael M.  Learning to live together: A study of the changing structures of everyday life within Kipsigis farming communities in western Kenya

Hendrickson, Anne Alfhild Bell.  Historical idioms of identity representation among the Ovaherero in southern Africa

Sumihara, Noriya.  A case study of structuration in a bicultural work organization: A study of a Japanese-owned and -managed corporation in the U.S.A


Brennan, Mary Ursula.  Health and disease in the Middle and Upper Paleolithic of southwestern France: A bioarcheological study

Draper, Susan B.  A house is on the outside; a home is on the inside: Gentrification as a social movement

Knecht, Heidi Deborah.  Technological innovation and design during the Early Upper Paleolithic: A study of organic projectile technologies

Puniello, Anthony John.  The reconstruction and interpretation of Late Woodland occupations of the upper Delaware Valley of New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Silver, Annette Louise.  The Abbott Interaction Sphere: A consideration of the Middle Woodland period in coastal New York and a proposal for a Middle Woodland exchange system


Renne, Elisha P.  Wives, chiefs, and weavers: Gender relations in Bunu Yoruba society [find her at U Mich site]

Torruellas, Rosa M.  Learning English in three private schools in Puerto Rico: Issues of class, identity and ideology


Pike Tay, Anne.  Red deer hunting in the Upper Paleolithic of Southwest France: A seasonality study


Marks, Janet Rose.  Disguise and display: Balancing profit and morality in the pit of a commodities futures exchange

Yamin, Rebecca.  The Raritan Landing traders: Local trade in preRevolutionary New Jersey


Benefit, Brenda Regina.  The molar morphology, natural history, and phylogenetic position of the middle Miocene monkey victoriapithecus, and their implications for understanding the evolution of the old world monkeys

Halpern, Ilsa R.  The relationship between the hyoid and cranial and mandibular morphology in Alouatta:  A factor analytic approach

Pavlakis, Parissis.  Biochronology, paleoecology and biogeography of the Plio-Pleistocene fossil mammal faunas of the Western Rift (East-Central Africa) and their implication for hominid evolution.

Wall, Diana Dizerega.  At home in New York:  Changing family life among the propertied in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth-centuries

Walters, Delores M.  Perceptions of Social Inequality in the Yemen Arab Republic


Eisenberg, Leslie E.  Adaptation in a "marginal" Mississippian population from middle Tennessee: Biocultural insights from paleopathology (pathology)


Forman, Lisa.  Genetic variation in two procyonids: phylogenetic ecological and social correlates

Sarmiento, Esteban Enrique.  Functional differences in the skeleton of wild and captive orang-utans and their adaptive significance.


Breed, Ria Trienekens. Classification, catalytic and inhibitory properties, and function of primate plasma esterases

DeMegret, Wendy R.  An elusive harvest: the process of a Bolivian cooperative movement

Hayden, Ilse.  Cosmetics and cosmology: symbolic domination and the modern British monarchy

Lewis, Lisa S.  Structural and functional correlates of genetic variation in old world monkeys:  With special reference to the patas monkey, erythrocebus patas

Page, John.  Brasil para Cristo: the cultural construction of Pentecostal networks in Brazil


Bosko, Dan.  Social organization aspects of religious change among Basotho

Kunin, Carolyn Farkas.  Defense or rehabilitation: juvenile case processing in an urban family court

Lavin, Lucianne.  Patterns of chert acquisition among woodland groups within the Delware watershed: a lithologic approach

Marcus, Michael A.  Townsmen and tribesmen: identity, history, and social change in eastern Morocco.

Olin-Fahle, Anja Hellikki.  Finnhill:  Persistence of ethnicity in urban America


Ottesen, Ann I.  A preliminary study of acquisition of exotic raw materials by Late Woodland Mississippian groups


Carmody, Caroline Marie.  First among equals: Antiguan patterns of local-level leadership

Hoane, Joseph.  Strategems and values: an analysis of plea bargaining in an urban criminal court

Phillips-Conroy, Jane E.  Dental varability in Ethiopian baboon: an examination of the Anubis-hamadryas hybrid zone in the Awash National Park, Ethiopia

Steinberg, Mary Alice.  The origins and role of the miracle-story in Irish and English history and hagiography, 400-800 A.D.


Cantwell, Anne-Marie E.  Dickson camp and pond: A functional analysis of two sites of the early havana tradition in Illinois

Eisneberg, Leonard.  Paleo-Indian settlement pattern in the Hudson and Delaware river drainages.

Milton, Katharine.  The foraging strategy of the howler monkey in the tropical forest of Barro Colorado Island, Pananma

Shipman, Patty Lee.  Paleoecology, taphonomic history, and population dynamics of the vertebrate fossil assemblage from the middle Miocene deposits exposed at fort ternan, Kenya

Turner, Trudy Rebecca.  Biological variation in vervet monkeys (cercopithecus aethiops)


Castle, Mary Ann.  Social reproduction and the Egyptian agrarian transformation

Feeley-Harnik, Gillian.  Sakalava royal work: a study of aesthetics in labor and government

Klein, Christina Hermanson.  Changing health beliefs and practices in an urban setting: a Tunisian example

McGrane, Bernard.  Beyond Europe: an archaeology of anthropology from the sixteenth to the early twentieth century

Siebert, Robert Timothy.  Schooling in the bureaucratic classroom: socialization and social reproduction in Chestnut Heights.


Widerkehr, Doris E.  Bolivia's nationalized mines: a comparison of a cooperative and a state-managed community


Ayhan, Orhan.  Modernization and organization in developing societies:  a structural-functional analysis

Moore, John Hartwell.  A Study of religious symbolism among the Cheyenne Indians

Schwartz, Anita.  Cooperation and coalitions in urban social relations: a study of neighborly networks in a cooperative residential apartment building


Fox, Margery Q.  Power and piety: women in Christian Science

Nanda, Serena M.  Social honor and informal social relationships: a study of kinship, friendship and neighbor relations in Bombay, India


Myers, Peter Lewis.  "Going through the concept": therapeutic sects in the 1960s

Yoon, Woo Kon.  The effect of personality on bureaucrats' behavior in the case of South Korea.

Williams, Lorraine Elise.  Ft. Shantok and Ft. Corchaug: a comparative study of seventieenth century culture contact in the Long Island Sound area


Strange, Heather.  The weavers of Rusila: Working women in a Malay village


Potash, Betty.  Lineage and state relations in five interlacustrine Bantu societies.


Merry, Dwayne Lyall.  The Bedouin of Southeast Jordan…


Cooley, Robert E.  The contribution of literary sources to a study of the Canaanite burial pattern


Wider, Joan Schutzman.  Indonesian women in the Hague; colonial immigrants in the metropolis


Hatch, Donald A. A discussion of upper Paleolithic cave art and its significance


Teele, James Edward.  Correlates of social isolation


Davidson, Sol M. Culture and the comic strips.


Mayerson, Philip.  Arid zone farming in antiquity: a study of ancient agricultural and hydrological practices in southern Palestine


Clifford, Helen Rees.  Two Etruscan funerary urns in the New York University archaeological museum


Germann, F.P., Jr.  Domestication of animals as a social factor of primitive man.


Torrance, Arthur Frederick.  The Philipine Moro: a study in social and race pedagogy.


Saymon, Ignatz.  A Study in the civilization and education of primitive man.


Tintner, B.A. Sacrifices, their origin and history.


Whyte, George Callen.  Materialism