Alyshia Gálvez


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Ph.D. Dissertation:

In the name of Guadalupe: Religion, politics and citizenship among Mexicans in New York


Alyshia Gálvez is a cultural anthropologist and associate professor of Latin American, Latino and Puerto Rican Studies at Lehman College. She is the founding director of the CUNY Institute of Mexican Studies. Approved by the CUNY Board of Trustees in February of 2012, the CUNY Institute of Mexican Studies seeks to increase enrollment of Mexican students in CUNY; promote the study of Mexico, bilateral relationships and Mexicans in the United States; and facilitate the work of community based organizations in New York City that serve the Mexican community.

Dr. Gálvez has written two books focused on Mexican immigration in New York. Her first book, Guadalupe in New York: Devotion and the Struggle for Citizenship Rights among Mexican Immigrants (NYU Press, Dec. 2009), focuses on Asociación Tepeyac, and the efforts of its members and the Guadalupan Committees of New York City to achieve the rights of citizenship for Mexican immigrants. Her second book, Patient Citizens, Immigrant Mothers Mexican Women, Public Prenatal Care and the Birth Weight Paradox (Rutgers University Press, Oct. 2011) examines the experiences of Mexican immigrant women during pregnancy and childbirth in the public health care system of New York City. Her second book was awarded the 2012 ALLA Book Award (Association of Latino and Latin American Anthropologists).
In addition to her administrative work, research and teaching, Dr. Gálvez has served community based organizations in New York City as a volunteer and as an advocate for immigrant rights with Asociación Tepeyac,  Mano a Mano: Mexican Culture without Borders, the Lehman DREAM Team and as co-founder of the DREAM Act Faculty Alliance.